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Duct Cleaning

For Robotic Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

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Kitchenhood cleaning is the process of removing grease that has accumulated inside the ducts, hoods, fans and vents of exhaust systems of commercial kitchens. Oil and grease accumulated kitchen exhaust systems eventually may become extreme fire hazards.

Even the exhaust in the hoods and ducts after a period of time starts dripping where the food is getting cooked. It thus contaminates the food which is unhygienic and may cause health problems. The exhausts, if not cleaned periodically may get chocked which put more load on the exhaust blowers, which increase the consumption of electricity and increased electricity bills. This even makes the kitchen hot and uncomfortable to work in.

The exhaust system is first scraped clean, and then washed clean with food-safe caustic chemicals and hot water pressure-washing where possible to safely collect the dissolved grease and water. We are special crawling robot for cleaning the vertical exhaust tower and it can climb up to 20 metres and using the specialized brushes it will scrap all the greases/oil contamination in exhaust tower.

We are using robot in duct cleaning process which ensures
99% dust removed from Duct

Centering Device


Y- Gear


Airhose Reel


Flexible Hose

Advantages of Robotic Cleaning


Our machine Combi Cleaner 40 can be used for riser exhaust / duct upto the height of 125 Feet

Both Directions

Machine can be used for both horizontal & vertical duct cleaning

Dry & Clean

All the three process namely Spreading of oil adsorbent granules, Brushing & Air-jetting are done at the same time which makes duct complete clean and dry

Increase Efficiency

Machine can be used for all types of grease & all sizes / shapes of ducts, also it can be used for cleaning Diesel Generator’s rising exhaustor which will help for increasing DG effiency

Robotic Grease Duct Cleaning Process

Measuring Grease Thickness

Thickness of the grease is measured by measuring comb. It is set down in 90-degree angle (perpendicular) to the surface, press down and scratch for 2-5cm.


  • We cover all the surfaces (grill, oven, floor) below the hood, with plastic or cardboard. 
  • Once work completed all the covers user is roll off and area will be clean.
  • First we scrap the grease up to 12 feet from source which consists of stickiest part using scrapper

Brushing by various types of grease brushes

  • Depending of the thickness of grease we choose the brush.
  • Centring device is used to adjust/control the place and direction of brushing.
  • Brush is pulled back every time and cleaned with strong grease detergent or brush is changed
  • Y-Gear is used for perfect cleaning in the rectangular ducts

Spreading of oil adsorbent granules and brushing

  • Spreading of oil adsorbent granules is done by Granule Spreading Machine
    that is powered by compressed air.
  • After spraying granules, we can clean of the now-bigger-and-heavier granules from the duct by brushing with an aggressive brush which will remove all the greasy/oily substances from duct.
  • Also it removes all the wet particles in the duct which was created by foam or other detergent/chemical used for cleaning purpose.

Spreading of chemicals and brushing

  • Chemicals are used to soften the hard and/or tar-like grease which doesn’t come off by brushing with an aggressive brush.
  • When spreading chemicals, we can adjust/control the place + efficiency of nozzle, and therefore the location of nozzle in relation to duct being
    cleaned, by direction of nozzle location and using a Centering Device

Suction Unit

  • All the absorbed grease particles are passed through the suction unit in which grease particles are filtered into a storage.
  • By above process, all heavy and greasy dirt are removed before the normal filters.
  • Stored heavy and greasy dirt can be easily removed and disposed
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