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HVAC Duct Cleaning

We are experts in robatic cleaning with its variety of cleaning methods, sensors, and other tools.

Robotic HVAC Duct and Kitchen Hood Cleaning Chennai Bangalore


Kichen Hood Cleaning

We perform a full hood cleaning using the safest and most advanced tools to deliver exceptional results

air conditioner Services

We provide services for both indoor and outdoor air conditioners. We are sales & service Partners of HITACHI

Our Team in Action with preventive measures
We recommend Sanosil as disinfectant liquid for office and IT parks. It helps to prevent viral infection.
Why Sanosil ?

It is a Swiz based chemical company and supplier of disinfectants and disinfectant solutions

Established in 1982 and they are premier in this field for past 35 years.

Now they announced that their disinfectant are effective against coronavirus and link as below.

It is non toxic and harmless to human.

Our Suggestions

We suggest spray fortnightly up to the period of three months and there after for every quarter which will help to improve Indoor Air Quality.

Wiping the work floor, doors, cup boards, etc twice a day with Sanosil disinfectant up to the period of three months and there after once in a day which will help as a prevention activity from bacterial/viruses/fungi.

We recommend duct cleaning for every year and spraying disinfectant spray in the duct for maintaining indoor air quality.


We have 10+ years of experience.

Rujo Engineering Private Limited is a professional IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) & Duct cleaning company based in Chennai, founded in 2007 by Ruban Jacob. Today we are offering a wide range of services based on our customer requirements.

Smart Air Purifier Products

Car Air Purifier | Air Purifier

Huge filtration capacity and efficiency, filter life based on real-time calculation.

LA333 Air Purifier

The LA333 is compact in size and so quiet, that it will never bother your sleep. It has two set of filters. HEPA – filter for particles and 1 kg of gas adsorbent material to remove gases and odors. LA333 come with LIFAair Smart Monitor and Control system, with multiple sensors they provide ultimate experience of clean air.

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